Welcome to KO Gym

KO Gym was founded in 1976, by Kru Bill Judd. Prided by it's authenticity and unmatched history, KO Gym is up there with the best Muay Thai gyms in the UK. World class coaches will help you reach your goal; whether it may be to simply get fit or to train like a champion.

KO Gym can be found under the arches of the railway in Bethnal Green. (full address here) Hidden away, the setting is simple and effective. Mirroring the atmosphere of traditional Thai gyms.



What Makes Us Different?

KO is not a commercial gym (do not expect Jacuzzis or saunas!).

No contracts or direct debits.

Most classes are 90 minutes and follow set structures optimised for the sport


The instructors are qualified in martial arts and know how to help you reach your goals. They all have years of experience in the sport and above all are passionate about what they teach, for them it is not just a job.

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