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To Move From Intro To General Group

History and Culture of Muay Thai

For this part of the syllabus students are required to learn the basics of Muay Thai history and Thai culture.

(much of this information can be found on here on this website)

Common Terms (Stop, Go, Instructor, etc)
Start – Chohk
Stop – Yud 
Punch – Mat
Kick – Tae  
Knee – Kow
Elbow – Sawk
Yes – Khrap/Ka
Instructor – Kru  

Counting (1 – 10)
1 – Neung  6 – Hok
2 – Sorng   7 – Jet
3 – Sahm   8 – Bpairt
4 – See      9 – Gao
5 – Hah     10 – Sip

* History of Muay Thai (origins of Muay Thai, knowledge of legendary fighters etc)
* Knowledge of fight equipment (mongkon, prajied etc)
* Etiquette  (Wai when entering gym and to instructor etc)
* Hygiene (Nail Trimmed etc)


It is essential students are comfortable with all of the following techniques in shadow boxing, on pads and working with a partner:

  • Guard (correct stance, core shape and balance)
  • Footwork/transportation (forwards, backwards, circling etc)
  • Strikes (basic punch, kick, knee and elbow strikes)
  • 2-3 Strike Combinations
  • Defense (familiar with block, avoid, re-direct, capture)
  • Able to demonstrate controlled spar (“play” note that inability to control aggression and power will result in instant failure)
  • Basic ring craft (cutting off the ring, block and counter etc)
  • Stable core shape and balance
  • Pad Work (able to hold pads correctly, ie  safety, correction motivation, building up combinations)
  • Shadow boxing
  • Bag Work (able to use bags correctly)


A good level of fitness is required to progress to the general class.

  • Basic Improvement In Flexibility And Mobility
  • Anaerobic Fitness  
  • 3X3 mins rounds skipping
  • Shuttle runs 4 x 2mins with 1min Shadow Between Rounds
  • Minimum 20 – Burpees, Press-Ups, Dorsal Raises, Squats, Dips (Exception For Medical Conditions)

Attendance minimum 2 x week, for 6 weeks
Gym Requirements

Compulsory Equipment   

Required  Optional (in beginner group)
Gum Shield KO Shorts
Hand Wraps KO T-Shirt
Groin guard Gloves
  Shin Guards
  Elbow pads

Hold current license, forms can be obtained at reception, provide 2 passport sized photographs.

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