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Welcome to our special beginners section


Welcome to our special beginners section. Ko Group

Many people consider taking up Kickboxing or Muay Thai for the high levels of fitness that can be achieved, others relish competition or have become intrigued by the culture. As well as the benefits that come with being physically fit, there is a confidence that comes with knowing you will be able to handle yourself well in difficult situations.

If you have never been to a martial arts gym before it can be hard to know what to expect. One thing that you won't find is a lot of formality. It's true that there will be dedicated practisioners of the art, super fit and into full time training, but alongside them will be office workers, students and many others. There is a feeling of comradeship which seems to flow from the more experienced members of the gym to quickly infect newcomers.

KO is primarily a traditional Muay Thai gym, although many western kickboxers and orthodox boxers train with us as well. Often you will hear students refer to their instructor as 'Kru', a term of respect. This works both ways and you will find that the instructors take a personal interest in your progress. Regardless of your level you will find that they have genuine pride in your achievements and will be working towards making the most of your abilities, without ever asking you to undertake tasks that you are not prepared for, or would dent your confidence


How to Join

Pad WorkWe try to encourage new students to come to our introductory classes (£10 per class ) for their first couple of lessons where possible. These are designed to allow your instructor to assess your fitness and any experience you might have. You will be alongside others who are just starting out and your instructor will take time out to discuss any difficulties or ambitions that you have and advise a training program.

There will be students from beginner to intermediate level. It's a good idea ito introduce yourself to the instructor before the class and tell him if you are a complete beginner or have some experience. He will keep a carefull eye on you and be glad to give you any advice you need.

Turn up ten or fifteen minutes before your first class is due to start. This will give you time to get changed and get to know the instructor and other students.

Other Advice

We can't fully convey the friendly atmosphere and dedication that our instructors and students create. Our training is not about bland physical fitness programs or just practical self defence. Training

We follow in centuries old traditions designed to promote personal confidence, team spirit and yes, we are not ashamed - Enjoying Yourself! So if you're not sure, want more infomation or just want to see for yourself that our students and instructors have real passion, call in to one of our venues near class times and watch and ask.

There is further background reading about the traditions of Muay Thai and Kickboxing throughout the website.

If you have been wondering how we tie you into paying for training, we don't. The longest commitment is to pay one month in advance and the shortest is about sixty to ninty minutes (the length of a class). We never worry about students becoming bored and not returning! Thats because there is real depth to the training and you will never run out of challenges.

To Move From Intro To General Group

History and Culture of Muay Thai

For this part of the syllabus students are required to learn the basics of Muay Thai history and Thai culture.

(much of this information can be found on here on this website)

Common Terms (Stop, Go, Instructor, etc)
Start – Chohk
Stop – Yud 
Punch – Mat
Kick – Tae  
Knee – Kow
Elbow – Sawk
Yes – Khrap/Ka
Instructor – Kru  

Counting (1 – 10)
1 – Neung  6 – Hok
2 – Sorng   7 – Jet
3 – Sahm   8 – Bpairt
4 – See      9 – Gao
5 – Hah     10 – Sip

* History of Muay Thai (origins of Muay Thai, knowledge of legendary fighters etc)
* Knowledge of fight equipment (mongkon, prajied etc)
* Etiquette  (Wai when entering gym and to instructor etc)
* Hygiene (Nail Trimmed etc)


It is essential students are comfortable with all of the following techniques in shadow boxing, on pads and working with a partner:

  • Guard (correct stance, core shape and balance)
  • Footwork/transportation (forwards, backwards, circling etc)
  • Strikes (basic punch, kick, knee and elbow strikes)
  • 2-3 Strike Combinations
  • Defense (familiar with block, avoid, re-direct, capture)
  • Able to demonstrate controlled spar (“play” note that inability to control aggression and power will result in instant failure)
  • Basic ring craft (cutting off the ring, block and counter etc)
  • Stable core shape and balance
  • Pad Work (able to hold pads correctly, ie  safety, correction motivation, building up combinations)
  • Shadow boxing
  • Bag Work (able to use bags correctly)


A good level of fitness is required to progress to the general class.

  • Basic Improvement In Flexibility And Mobility
  • Anaerobic Fitness  
  • 3X3 mins rounds skipping
  • Shuttle runs 4 x 2mins with 1min Shadow Between Rounds
  • Minimum 20 – Burpees, Press-Ups, Dorsal Raises, Squats, Dips (Exception For Medical Conditions)

Attendance minimum 2 x week, for 6 weeks
Gym Requirements

Compulsory Equipment   

Required  Optional (in beginner group)
Gum Shield KO Shorts
Hand Wraps KO T-Shirt
Groin guard Gloves
  Shin Guards
  Elbow pads

Hold current license, forms can be obtained at reception, provide 2 passport sized photographs.

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